Your Support Saves Lives!

Monica Thursam

It was the middle of June 2009 when Monica learned that her sister had just been diagnosed with breast cancer, had a mastectomy, and was scheduled for chemotherapy. Right away she registered to walk in the Tuality Healthcare Foundation C.A.T. Walk & Fun Run as a way of showing support.

The Tuality Healthcare Foundation has been hosting this 5K cancer walk for 15 years in order to raise funds for Tuality’s cancer awareness and treatment services. While Monica had heard about the race, she had never really been drawn to it, until then.

Monica doesn’t just walk the race by herself. She has recruited her children, their spouses, their children and a variety of friends over the years to join her. She is also a dedicated fundraiser for the event, having raised over $2,500 in donations. When asked about fundraising, she enthusiastically exclaimed, “It was so simple!”

In the 60’s, Monica’s grandmother had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Three years ago, Monica received her own diagnosis of breast cancer. She is a big believer in regular mammograms, and fortunately, that led to an early diagnosis for her cancer, which made the recovery quite manageable. Monica got her regular mammograms through Tuality’s Mobile Mammography van, the only one of its kind in our community, and had follow-up radiation treatment at the Tuality/OHSU Cancer Center.

As a Hillsboro resident since 1980, Monica and her family have a long history with Tuality. Her husband received dialysis at the Raines Dialysis Center, and she can often be found taking a class or donating blood at the Tuality Health Education Center.

Monica’s sister has since recovered and is finishing up a two year assignment in Africa with the Peace Corps. Monica is always active and on the go, and intends to continue walking in the C.A.T. Walk for many more years.

Please join us in sending a big THANK YOU to Monica, her family, friends and supporters for all they have done for cancer patients in our community.