¡Salud! was created by a group of Oregon winery owners and Tuality Healthcare physicians to address the barriers to health care faced by seasonal workers.

Most seasonal workers move from one crop to another. Their temporary status with each employer makes them ineligible for health care coverage. Without insurance, these men, women and their families often do not seek professional health care until their problems become acute. Their knowledge of health education is often limited, and they can be overwhelmed by the complex and confusing medical system. ¡Salud!’s mission is to bridge this gap.

The relationship between vintners and physicians, united in their mission to support this essential workforce, is unique to Oregon.  No other state has such an effective and far-reaching program to support the seasonal worker population.

Since 1991, Tuality Healthcare ¡Salud! Services program has been supported by ¡Salud! The Oregon Pinot Noir Auction and other generous contributions.  Held each November, the auction focuses on sought-after Pinot Noirs created by Oregon’s top wineries exclusively for the cause.

¡Salud! at a glance:

  • We provide access to health care services for Oregon’s seasonal vineyard workers and their families.
  • Our medical professionals use patient navigator skills to provide guidance, education, and to advocate for families, thus avoiding costly medical expenses.
  • We deliver $3 of service for every $1 spent thanks to collaborative relationships with partnering health care organizations.

Visit the official ¡Salud! website