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Randy Bateman

It started out as a refreshing and fun motorcycle trip through British Columbia. But a minor accident brought long-term repercussions.

Randy Bateman has been a member of the Tuality Healthcare Foundation Board of Directors since 1995. He’s also an avid and safety-conscious motorcyclist who has logged many miles without an accident. But at the end of a day's ride in August 2014, a simple misstep in a parking lot changed things. He fell and dislocated his left shoulder, resulting in a torn rotator cuff and damage to the surrounding area.

After several evaluations and ample time for recovery, Randy still did not regain his full range of motion. The decision was made to repair the damage. Surgery was performed by Dr. David Buuck, orthopedic surgeon at the Tuality Orthopedic, Sports, Spine & Rehabilitation Center.

Immediately after the procedure, Randy started rehabilitation services at the clinic with physical therapist Kim Lierman. "Her help was excellent, professional and beyond my expectations. Everyone associated with the facility was caring, supportive and positive," Randy said. "My experience as a Tuality Healthcare patient has made me even more enthusiastic in my support for the Foundation."

As a grateful patient and donor, Randy knows first-hand how contributions to the Tuality Healthcare Foundation help patients recover from whatever trip they may take in life!

P.S. Randy's all better now.